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Club Rules / Policies

Conduct and Behavior - Player and Parents


All players and parents are expected to behave in the most professional manner possible both on and off the field.  No negative comments or jokes of any kind are to be directed to any opposing team’s players, staff or supporters - No Exceptions.  As a PYSC member you are expected to provide only positive feedback.  Any behavior unbecoming of this expectation can result in immediate expulsion from the Club.  All players and supporters are expected to respect any /all PYSC Staff during practice and during games.


Training Equipment - Practice


All PYSC Players are required to come to practice with the following items:  Water, Soccer Shoes (cleats), an appropriate size (inflated) Soccer Ball, Running Shoes, PYSC Training Tee-Shirt, Shin Guards.  All PYSC players are expected to participate in all scheduled practices.  If a PYSC Player will be late and/or absent from a scheduled practice they must call, email or text the Trainer, Coach and Team Manager in advance to be excused.


Play Time - Game


Any and All play time including substitutions are at the sole discretion of the PYSC Coaching Staff.  As a member of a Competition team you are NOT GUARANTEED any minimum play time.  If you have a disagreement with the decisions regarding your child’s play time, you must place your concern(s)/complaint in writing, do not approach and / or call any coaching staff until you have submitted your comment/complaint in writing.  All PYSC Playes are expected to arrive on time to all practices and games.  You must arrive 45 Minutes before all scheduled game times.  Failure to comply could result in less play time.


Team / Club Fundraising


All fundraising efforts must be approved by the PYSC Board or Standing Director in advance.  All fundraising plans by any team must be submitted in writing to the PYSC Board or Standing Director 30 Days prior to your scheduled event.  Your fundraiser's plan must include at minimum, the following items: Goal of event (monetary or recruitment), Participants, Lead Participant(s), Complete Budget, Dates, Times Locations.


Club Apparel and Spirit Merchandise


All Club apparel must be purchased through a Club Approved Vendor.  All Spirit merchandise must be purchased through a Club Approved Vendor.  This to ensure consistent quality and a consistent Club look.


Uniforms and Practice Apparel


All PYSC Players are required to wear approved Club uniforms currently the Nike Striker Series kits during match play, to include friendly matches. All players MUST wear Official Club Practice Tee Shirts (No Exceptions) to all Club Practices. 3 or more violations of this Club rule will be cause for Club suspension. All players are required to wear Compression shorts under their uniform and practice shorts.  The Club's Official colors are Orange, Black and White.


Academics and Citizenship


All Club Players enrolled in Middle or High School are required to bring in Quarterly Report Cards and required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  If the GPA is not met than the player will be suspended from participation in one tournament (next nearest event), but will participate in any shared cost for that next nearest tournament.  Any PYSC Player suspended from school for misconduct will be suspended from ANY / ALL Club activities for 7 days or one week.  Parents are required to report such occurrences to a Club Representative within 3 business days by email or phone to a Club Official.


Information Distribution


Any and all pertinent Club and Team information will be posted to the Club website.  All schedules, meetings, tournament and friendly games will also be posted to the Club website.  Please check the website before calling your Team Trainer, Coach or Team Manager. 


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