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- Individuals


P.Y.S.C. discovered a growing need for quality individual training without long-term commitments like Club or League Memberships.  We recognized that some players simply need supplemental training to get them prepared for a tryout, season or to improve a particular piece of their game.  During the off-season some families have no one to turn to for assistance.


We asked many soccer families how they handled getting their child prepared for a tryout and/or supplemental training and found that many families would try and do it themselves with little to no success and in some instances doing more harm than good because they simply don't have the expertise to prepare their child.  We sometimes call these DIYs "YouTube Coaches"


In Summary it is a "pay as you go" method.


- Teams


Just like individuals sometimes need help, so do Teams.  We have also found/seen many Coaches that hit a wall with their team and/or are the sole trainer for a particular team and risk having their team "tune them out" for one reason or another.  Sometimes a few sessions with a different Trainer/Coach is what is needed to get their team back on track.  A good example of keeping things fresh is our flagship Gold Premier Team (99 Boys) that has 3 Coaches and 1 Trainer (4 staff members in all) that alternate on different days and cover specific elements of their play I.e.  Strength and Conditioning, Tactical, Foot Skills, Etc ...

Why choose us?

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